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The most important news is the launch of Ulixes Capital Partners, of which BizPlace is a shareholder and privileged partner for scouting and screening projects. Over the course of 12 months, the holding company has created a model that has received the support of about 30 private investors, including some newcomers to the venture capital world.

A startup to help startups. The BizPlace model to find investors

“I like to tell people about a company called Execus, a startup in the growth phase (having exceeded one million in turnover this year) that through our support found investment from Ulixes Capital Partners and are now in a crowdfunding campaign on Mamacrowd”.                                                                           


Ulixes Capital Partners takes over the minority of the training company Execus

Ulixes Capital Partners acquired a minority stake of €30,000 in Execus Italia srl, Linkedin’s innovative startup partner for training on social selling, sales navigator and solutions to boost sales.

Ulixes Capital Partners acquires the minority of Entire Digital Publishing

The Roman holding Ulixes Capital Partners has subscribed for €30,000, 1% of Entire Digital Publishing, an Italian startup that applies artificial intelligence to publishing. Entire Digital Publishing has already raised €1.2 million this year.

BLB and Ulixes Capital Partners invest in Execus

Ulixes Capital Partner enters the capital of Execus, partner of Linkedin that has started the crowdfunding equity campaign with Mamacrowd, which is still ongoing. Ulixes Capital Partners is a holding company founded by specialists in banking & finance, legal, venture capital and management.

National Innovation Fund, decisive hours for governance

                                                                                                                                                    In the almost historical presence of players such as LVenture Group, Pi Ventures, TIM Ventures, Invent, new operators such as Foodsparks, Lumen Ventures, Ulixes, Seedble, and an overwhelmingly growing number of Business Angels are starting to join the group.

Ulixes Capital Partners becomes partner of Entire Digital


Ulixes Capital Partners has chosen to invest in Entire Digital, Massimiliano Squillace‘s tech company that publishes The resources collected through the investment will be used to implement the technological innovation and internationalization plan.

Ulixes joins Execus, Linkedin's "approved training partner".

Execus is one of three LinkedIn “approved training partner” companies in the world that helps companies boost sales, accelerate business and find new customers with professional social networking.

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