Our investments

We Wealth

We Wealth is a marketplace dedicated to the distribution of information and multimedia content related to wealth management and the finance sector as a whole. Their goal is to digitize the industry thanks to the support of profiling and A.I. technologies.


Notizie.it is a tech platform for mobile-first news, catering to individual readers’ interests by providing the right content at the right time thanks to an automated system based on A.I. algorithms. 


Set of software solutions for Fact Checking and real-time detection of fraud and scams on ICOs based on Deep-Sensing technology that provides insights without, or with very few, manual configurations.

Big Profiles

Big Profiles is an Artificial Intelligence platform for teleselling that predicts the buying tendencies of potential clients by profiling them and grouping them into more than 8 million different subsets to increase sales and conversion rates. 


Execus is one of the only three companies in the world partnered with LinkedIn to provide training on Social Selling, Sales Navigator and LinkedIn solutions. The aim is to strengthen and digitalize companies’ sales processes. Execus already operates in 10 European countries. 


Airlite has developed a technology based on 100% natural, inorganic mineral powder which, diluted in water, is applied as regular architectural paint. Activated by light, it reduces pollutants in the air, eliminates bad odours, prevents the growth of mould and bacteria and prevents dirt from settling on the walls.


Biosyn operates in the market of distributed production of electricity, heat and biofuels, developing proximity systems based on an innovative gasification technology that offers high performance at a lower cost and environmental impact.


Nanomnia is a startup in the field of bio- and nanotechnology that has developed an entirely natural, biodegradable and biocompatible method of capturing active ingredients and delivering them more efficiently into biological tissue, thereby reducing side effects and residues harmful to both humans and the environment.

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